Current Projects

Lakewood Lagoon Repairs (South Cell)

The scope of work includes: earthwork along slope of lagoon cell, placement of a rip-rap apron around entire berm of lagoon, import fill to raise berm, and other incidental items.

  • Projected Construction Start: September 2019
  • Projected Construction Completion: November 2019

Lake Serene Water Main Replacement Project

The scope of work includes: construction of approximately 16,800 lineal feet of new water main to replace existing aging pipe within the Lake Serene corridor. Water main replacement will occur along all, or a portion of, North Shore Dr., Box Elder Dr., Cedar St., Ash St., South Shore Dr., Sunset Dr., Cherry Ln., Paw Paw St., Lake View Dr., and Cedar Brook Ln.

  • Projected Construction Start: March 2018
  • Projected Construction Completion: Fall 2019